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EuroShop is moving ahead! – and so is the industry


EuroShop on Tour: by air, by car and sometimes even by bicycle Excellent environment for this 2017 industry highlight
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Digital Services at the PoS: Next Generation


Retail digitisation is advancing +++ However, in a more pragmatic and less flamboyant way than lately +++ Consistent planning from a single source is fundamental +++ As is simple handling +++ Personalised services and seamless online-offline transactions are gaining further importance +++ There are many attractive applications – from scales to changing cubicles
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Mobile payment on the verge of a breakthrough! Complete range of innovative solutions on display at EuroShop 2017


Cashless payment acceptance on the rise worldwide +++ User numbers in Germany still lagging behind +++ Most adopters in Middle East, Africa and Asia +++ Mobile payments in China surpass US
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EuroShop 2017 – Display Mannequins: Real Mood Boosters!


Visual marketing increases in importance for offline retail in view of e-Commerce competitors +++ display mannequins are in focus for this +++ emotionalising is decisive +++ individuality and flexibility are also demanded +++ there is a shift towards semi-abstract mannequins with regional and genre differences +++ proportion of customised mannequins is rising +++ sustainability remains an issue
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50 Years of EuroShop – a Global Career made in Düsseldorf


The year the Yellow Submarine emerged for the first time and a goal at Wembley caused a stir history was also written in Düsseldorf because 11 to 15 June 1966 saw the first EuroShop being held in Düsseldorf. Back then nobody knew that it would become the leading trade fair for the global retail world.
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