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Polinter S.A.
C/Muga 7, Pol. Ind. Pla d'en Col
08110 Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), Spagna

Telefono: +34 93 56413-50
Fax: +34 93 56488-00

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Company Profile

Wide range of customized solutions
Mould design, engineering, extrusion and co-extrusion, R&D+i, raw material and colorant formulating and special finishes
Our company’s 30 extrusion lines of different sizes and technologies allow us to quickly produce different types of extruded and co-extruded profiles using a wide variety of polymers available on the market. We draw on our vast experience to develop dedicated projects using imaginative, effective applications from several sectors to adapt commonly used processes to the special needs of our customers. We rely on our own facilities to develop our comprehensive design and production process, including mould design using electro-erosion as well as mould maintenance and safekeeping. We adapt market-ready raw materials, formulations and colorants in our laboratory, where we work with all kinds of plastics, from conductive to biodegradable, in a constant search for new solutions that includes collaborating with different European research programmes.
Engineering solutions

Custom project development
Imaginative, effective solutions applied in different sectors
Adapting standard processes to special needs

Mould design and construction

Dedicated facilities for mould design and construction
CAD-CAM design, electrical discharge machining manufacturing process
We offer our customers a quick, agile response in creating specific moulds, maintenance and storage


We elaborate our own solutions in our quest for continuous R&D+i
We work with all kinds of plastics, from conductive to biodegradable
We collaborate with several European research programmes


Comprehensive process in designing moulds, raw materials and colorants
Technical expertise in different solutions and processes
We reduce customer idea to market launch lead times

Raw materials

Formulating raw materials and colorants
Specific applications for each project and customer
We use a wide range of products on the market


30 extrusion lines of different sizes and technologies
Flexibility to manufacture short and long production runs
Comprehensive process from raw materials to final quality control

Special finishes

We personalise and add value to our profiles
Application in diverse sectors ranging from automotive to interior design
Exclusive patents and tooling to customer specifications

Specialists in extrusion of plastic profiles
Polinter S.A. is a leading company in the extrusion and co-extrusion of plastic profiles with 60 years of industry experience. From our facilities located in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, we offer our customers vast experience and versatility in designing and manufacturing dedicated solutions and custom projects as well as a complete catalogue with over 5,000 solutions ready for application in all kinds of industrial and decorative projects. Polinter exports to 30 countries, collaborates in several R&D+i programmes within the European Union and adheres to policies that encourage energy efficiency and recycling and reusing of resources.